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Mike Warren - Age 59 
Owner - Operator

A resident of the Driftless Region for nearly 40 years. Mike caught his first trout in central Idaho as a youngster growing up on the Hagerman National Fish Hatchery where his father worked as a regional fisheries pathologist.

Mike started fly fishing the Driftless Region with an Orvis Rocky Mountain 5wt (which he still has) in the early 80's long before today's vast fisheries improvements. Today, Mike either guides or fishes on his own well over 100 days a year throughout the central portion of the Wisconsin Driftless. On those days on his own he's seeking new secluded spots or learning every rock, log and stream curve on his favorite streams to take clients to.  

Mike's "other job" - Independent Golf Sales Consultant for the likes of Maui Jim, Legendary Headwear, Barrington Gifts and CertiFresh Cigar.

On the odd day when he's not in a stream he might be playing golf with friends or taking care of his lettuce, tomato, peppers garden and blackberry vines. 

Nick Havlik - Age 34

Born and raised in Westby Wisconsin his "day job" is as a high school technical education teacher in Port Washington, WI. With a young family and a lot of his plate Nick is unable to take new clients but still works with his regulars.  
He catches more fish than any one man should because he is willing to work at it. He never gets stuck on a bug. He will keep working until he finds the right combination. He covers a lot of water when necessary but knows when to keep fishing a hole until it stops. Most important - he simply LIVES to be knee deep in Driftless water.

In the summer of 2013 he earned a new nick name from the guides at the Bighorn Angler in Fort Smith, Montana. After watching him for a couple days they started referring to him as the "Jedi" for his quick hook sets and an uncanny sense for knowing he's getting a hit before the indicator drops. 

When Nick isn't chasing his daughters and spending time with hi s wife or teaching kids at Port Washington High School he's probably tending to his vineyard outside of Cedarburg.  

Tenkara USA PodCast Link - Fishing The Driftless with Mike Warren grab a coffee and listen in! 
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